Charity Car goes beardy for Bowel Cancer UK!

Posted on 01 December 2017 by CarTakeBack

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We hope all of our lovely Charity Car supporters are ready to get hairy this December... No, we haven't decided to go public on an odd team obsession, it's all about our Charity Car Partner of the Month - Bowel Cancer UK and their fantastic campaign 'Decembeard'!
(It's not just an excuse for us to spend hours searching for amusing photos of cars with beards and moustaches, honest!)

Bowel Cancer UK says "It’s that time of year when we ask you to grow a beard throughout December to raise awareness and money to support Bowel Cancer UK's vital research and lifesaving work. The rules are simple, clean shave today and then let your facial hair flourish throughout the month. Already bearded? No problem. Dye, ditch or decorate your beard and join the campaign."

Our brave IT man Dan was keen to do his bit for Bowel Cancer Awareness (That's him removing his beard in preparation!), and we are most excited to follow his beard-progress this month. You can check out Dan's growing stubble on Facebook right through to January, while we can look forward to calling him Whiskers in the office! (We're saving Chewbacca and Yosemite Sam for the end of the month... if he can grow facial hair that fast!)

So why bother with the beard, or of course donating your car to this cause?

Bowel cancer is the fourth most common cancer and the second biggest cancer killer in the UK. Every 15 minutes someone is diagnosed - that's 41,200 people every year. But bowel cancer is treatable and curable, especially if diagnosed early. So catching it in its first stage is key to successful treatment... and that's why awareness is so important.

Whether you are growing a beard on your face or supporting someone who is, or sticking cotton wool on your car to make it look like it has a Santa beard (PLEASE send in photos if you do!), as long as it starts a conversation about the symptoms of bowel cancer, you will have helped.

Here's some information about symptoms to take note of yourself and share with others. Don’t ignore them, and there's definitely no need to be embarrassed - doctors see lots of people with bowel problems every day.

Bowel cancer symptoms

Most people with these symptoms don’t have bowel cancer, but if you have one or more of these, or if things just don’t feel right, do see your GP.

If you get as far as donating your car (or letting someone else know that they can) we thought you'd want to know what those funds would actually go towards. A donation of £60 (the average scrap car donation at the moment) could help find new ways of diagnosing people early; ensuring everyone has access to the best treatment and care. Bowel Cancer UK is aiming to increase the number of people surviving at least five years after diagnosis from 60% to 75% by 2028, giving hope to thousands of people with bowel cancer. In today’s numbers that’s a possible 6,200 more people every year that would be able to spend Christmas with their families.

The Charity Car team thought it was a good idea to leave the last word of our blog to our Partner of the Month, so from the team at Bowel Cancer UK:

"With your support we can continue to provide hope for the future, so thank you for supporting us in all we do. We wish you a very special, hope-filled Christmas and New Year."

Find out about donating your car to Bowel Cancer UK 

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