Awesome April for MS Awareness

Posted on 03 April 2017 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team has been very happy to welcome several new charity partners over the last few weeks, but we always get particularly excited when we can introduce a charity that raises funds for a cause we don't already have on-board. This April we are particularly pleased to introduce MS Society - the UK's leading charity funding world-class research to ensure people with MS have treatments and services they need. Not only is MS Society a new partner, they are also our Partner of the Month so we hope they will have an 'awesome April' with Charity Car.

We have to be honest, some of the Charity Car team didn't know what Multiple Sclerosis (MS) really was, or what it meant for people with the condition. And so we thought many of you may be feeling the same and would appreciate a brief explanation... MS is a condition of the central nervous system, where the coating around your nerve fibres (called myelin), which usually helps messages travel quickly and smoothly between the brain and the rest of the body, is damaged. The body's immune system, which normally helps to fight off infections, mistakes myelin for a foreign body and attacks it, damaging the myelin and striping it off the nerve fibres, either partially or completely. This damage means messages traveling along nerve fibres are disrupted so they either slow down, become distorted, or don't get through at all.

As you can now understand, MS is complex, and has many symptoms. Most people won't experience them all, certainly not at the same time, and all to varying degrees, but common physical symptoms include problems with vision, balance, fatigue, bladder control and stiffness and/or spasms. MS can also affect people's memory and thinking, and have an impact on emotions. Once diagnosed, MS stays for life, but treatments and specialists can help people to manage the condition and its symptoms.

More than 100,000 people in the UK have MS, so, as a society we really should have a better understanding of it. And most importantly, people suffering with MS should have access to the right treatment for them in their locality. That is something this charity is campaigning hard to deliver as sadly it is not a reality. The end of April will see the official 'MS Awareness week' hit our consciousness and it would be great if you could be part of that. Whether you donate, share a story, or maybe identify an old car ready for donation! There will be more on the Charity Car Facebook page and of course on the MS Society website if you want to find out more.

Your support is not limited to MS Awareness week. There are many ways the public can help MS Society raise vital funds for research, support and campaigns all year round. From cake sales and online donations to sponsored runs and swimming with sharks. (Yes, we did check that one - sharks!)

We may be bias, but we love the idea that an old useless car could enable the MS Society's community of scientists, campaigners, volunteers and fundraisers to support someone affected by this complex condition and help them face their future with positivity. Whether funds go towards research into better treatments or the charity's award winning online information and helpline service - anywhere that donation ends up will mean it was put to good use. So, here's to an awesome April for MS Society, to increased MS awareness, and maybe an old car helping to take the MS Society closer to their vision of a world free from the effects of MS.

To find out more about how to donate your car to MS Society, visit the Charity Car website 

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