Welcoming New Partners In March 2019

Posted on 05 April 2019 by Charity Car

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Spring is in the air, and we've had a bumper month for new charities joining us as Official Partners! March saw five wonderful charities join Charity Car, so they can now offer car donation as a way to raise vital funds for their work.

Charity Car Partner The Akshaya Patra Foundation

The Akshaya Patra Foundation UK

The Akshaya Patra Foundation work in India and the UK to tackle the issues of education, hunger, and malnutrition. They serve fresh, hot lunches to over 1.6 million school children in India with their Food For Education Programme in the UK they serve freshly cooked meals to schools, homeless people, holiday clubs and the elderly with their Beat the Hunger Program.

Visit Akshaya Patra's Official Partner page to read more and donate your car 

Charity Car Partner Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

Battle of Britain Memorial Trust

The Battle of Britain Memorial Trust looks after the National Memorial to the Few at Capel-le-Ferne in Kent, which is dedicated to the men who fought the Battle of Britain, 10 July to 31 October 1940. It also represents the Battle of Britain Fighter Association, whose members served in the Battle of Britain.

Entirely funded by donations, the National Memorial to the Few has a visitor centre, which gives everyone the opportunity to learn about the brave men of the RAF that the site commemorates.

Find out more about the Battle of Britain Memorial Trust and how to donate your car 

Breast Cancer Support

Breast Cancer Support helps breast cancer patients worldwide who can't afford treatment or medication. A Breast Cancer Care Charity, Breast Cancer Support fight breast cancer across the globe, believing that medicine and access to medical professionals is a basic human right. Their mission is to save lives and end breast cancer forever in women and men.

Providing education and raising awareness in the UK and across the globe, the charity offers free breast screening in poverty-stricken countries, as well as financial and emotional support after diagnosis and during treatment.

See Breast Cancer Support's Official Partner page to find out about them and donate your car


Emmaus is a group of local charities, which work across the UK to end homelessness by providing meaningful work and stable homes for as long as people need them. Emmaus has communities across the country that offer people their own room, food, clothing, and a weekly allowance. The charities are currently supporting more than 800 formerly homeless people. These people, work in the Emmaus Communities' social enterprises, giving work experience and stability for those who need it most.

As well as helping people in their communities, Emmaus UK is also keen to use its voice to address the causes and consequences of homelessness and social exclusion internationally, as part of the International Emmaus Movement.

Read about the Emmaus charities who have signed up with Charity Car, and how to donate your old car to their cause



Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity

Helping to save more lives across Yorkshire, The Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity supports the work of the Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust and funds free first aid education across the county. As well as this vital work, they fund Public Access Defibrillators in Yorkshire and the Humber, so that following cardiac failure, bystanders can respond before an ambulance arrives, increasing a patient's chance of survival.

They fund a Community Engagement Trainer who works with community groups to make sure they know how to react in a medical emergency, and they financially support the annual Yorkshire Ambulance Service Restart a Heart Day in October each year, which has trained more than 75,000 young people in basic lifesaving skills.

Donate your car to Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity and read more about them 

What is Charity Car?

Charity Car helps UK registered charities by providing a service for the public to raise funds by donating their car. When a car is donated, it is assessed and a plan is made to get the maximum donation for the owner's chosen cause.

If the car has some life left in it, it will be prepared for auction, and sold to the highest bidder, with proceeds going to the charity. If the car is ready to be scrapped, Charity Car makes sure that the car is dismantled and recycled in the most environmentally friendly manner, any reusable parts taken out and resold, and the charity will receive 100% of the market value.

How donating your car with Charity Car works 

If you would like to start receiving car donations from your supporters and are a UK registered charity, read more about how to join us.

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