Van Scrappage Scheme To Help Charities Go Green

Posted on 28 March 2019 by Charity Car

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We are all interested in helping charities, but not everyone has the cash to spare to make traditional donations. Finding 'other ways to give' is a brilliant way to help charities without having to spend much-needed cash, and obviously, the team at Charity Car is all about spreading the word on old car donations to worthy causes. But this bit of news is a little different, and we wanted to share it with all of you, so you can perhaps give a little extra help to a charity you're involved with, and guess what, it involves vehicles!

The Mayor of London has launched a van scrappage scheme to help clean up London’s lethal air. This is timed for the introduction of the Ultra-Low Emission Zone (ULEZ), which comes into force on the 8th April, and the aim is to help small business owners to switch to low emission vehicles. The exciting bit of news is that it's not just for small business owners, but charities can benefit too! So whether you support a charity that operates in London, you work for one, or maybe you know someone that does, be sure to share this important news with them...

A charity could scrap their old van with options including £6,000 towards the running costs of a new electric model, or £3,500 to fund cleaner transport alternatives. That could be a huge boost to a charity desperate to update their old vehicle/s.

Here's the official info so you can be fully informed when you let your charity know about the news:

Which charities qualify for the London scrappage scheme?

  • They must be registered with the Charity Commission as an active charity.
  • Depending on the scrappage option chosen, they need to be able to prove that they're registered at an address in a London Borough or the City of London or that the vehicle has driven within the CCZ at least 52 times during the 6 months before 22 February 2019.

What charity vehicles qualify for the London scrappage scheme?

All vehicles to be scrapped through the scheme must be either vans or a minibus' that are:

  • Owned by a registered charity for more than 12 calendar months before 22nd February 2019.
  • Fail to meet London's ULEZ standards.
  • Insured for business use.
  • Road taxed with a valid MOT.
  • Scrapped at an approved Authorised Treatment Facility, which will issue a DVLA Certificate of Destruction.

So, you can let your charity know about the financial help available and the conditions of the deal. And now you can give them the most helpful piece of advice - where to scrap the old vehicle... With us!

Charity Car is operated by the UK's largest scrap car recycling network and all our recycling centres (that handle your generous Charity Car donations!) are Authorised Treatment Facilities that have permits issued by the government's Environment Agencies. So we can issue the DVLA Certificate of Destruction's that they need and make sure the whole process is carried out properly.

They can visit for an instant quote and we'll collect it from them wherever they are in London, as well as paying for the vehicle, which could help with the running costs of the new replacement van or minibus!

How should your charity apply for a van scrappage deal?

To see if they qualify for the scheme, you can advise your charity to visit the Transport for London scrappage scheme page. Here they can view the options available and fill in the application form.
When they scrap the van or minibus be sure to remind them to say that they require a DVLA Certificate of Destruction. Without this, if a recycling centre deems a vehicle roadworthy, in some cases, they may return it to the road and transfer ownership rather than recycling and the vehicle would no longer be eligible for the scrappage funding. So that piece of advice is really important to your charity!

What if the charity's vehicle doesn't qualify for the van scrappage scheme?

If your charity's vehicle doesn't qualify for the scheme, but they decide it's ready to be scrapped, they could still benefit by donating it to themselves through Charity Car! And that bit we're sure you all know about by now!

Enjoy sharing this exciting news with any charities you think it may help and we'll look forward to recycling their vehicles!

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