TREE AID branches out with Charity Car

Posted on 06 September 2017 by Charity Car

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TREE AID joins Charity Car

We've got the pleasure of introducing TREE AID, who joining the Charity Car ranks as our latest Official Partner! You can donate your old car to TREE AID, and we'll turn it into a cash donation for their cause.

TREE AID have provided over 13 million trees to communities across the remote and isolated areas of Africa, along with the tools and training needed to help them grow. This includes fruit, nut and medicinal trees which survive drought better than other crops. They give vital nutrition and products to sell to the communities, year after year, as well as making the land more fertile, providing shade and reducing loss of land due to flooding and winds.

The charity also works with people in these areas to help agree rules for shared forests, defending the rights of the communities.

Donating your old car to this charity will help them continue to support these communities by providing trees, equipment and training. It doesn't matter if your car is on its last legs, or has plenty of life left in it, every car donation will make a difference to this worthy charity.

Find out more about TREE AID, the work they do, and how donating your car with Charity Car can support them

Find out more about TREE AID, the work they do, and how donating your car with Charity Car can support them Visit the ARNI Institute page

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