Recycle Week - Help Charity Whilst You Recycle

Posted on 25 September 2018 by Charity Car

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This year people have become really motivated to recycle, prompted by documentaries such as BBC's Blue Planet, which has changed attitudes about single use plastic. The 24th - 30th September is the 15th annual Recycle Week and the theme is 'Recycling. We do. Because it matters.' We couldn’t agree more, as our planet needs us to protect it!

There are plenty of ways to recycle everyday items, but did you know that you can recycle your old car, and you can do it online, without even having to leave your home? And to top it off, if you do it with Charity Car, when you recycle your car, you'll be helping your favourite cause too!

What happens when your car is recycled?

During the recycling process we ensure that the cars have all of the fluids removed, which are then cleaned and processed for reuse. Any reusable parts are removed and used to keep other cars on the road. The solid materials such as metals, glass and plastics, are separated and prepared for use in manufacturing as recycled materials. We've seen these materials being used to make everything from playground flooring to new handbags!

All our branches are licenced car recycling centres, working in line with the regulations, and for example have sealed flooring to prevent toxic fluids leaking into the ground to protect the environment and waterways. And they recycle a massive 95% of your car!

Other ways it helps

When you donate your scrap car, as well as stopping your old car from damaging the environment and going to landfill, you're doing something really important for charity - raising vital funds. 100% of the market value of your car will go to the charity you tell us that you want to help, and that's pretty awesome.

Curious to find out more about how Charity Car works? We've got you covered!

We think it's really important to recycle. So when you have a car that's at the end of its life, whether it's this Recycle Week or at any time in the future, make sure it's disposed of responsibly and you do something great with it!

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