Going the whole hog on World Car Free Day?

Posted on 22 September 2019 by Charity Car

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It’s World Car Free Day! And for a scheme that’s all about donating your old car, there aren’t many more significant days in the calendar for the Charity Car team!

World Car Free Day 2019

Now we’re not getting carried away - we know a lot of you are nowhere near getting rid of your beloved wheels, and that includes some of us right here! But World Car Free Day is intended to give us all a taster of what it could be like without cars, or at least without using them as much, and we have the perfect partner to celebrate using your car less…

Clean Air Day is the UK’s largest air pollution campaign – raising awareness of this critical issue and how we can all make small changes for cleaner air and improved health. Whether you are driving a car or a pedestrian or cyclist next to a busy road, the pollution around you is at a high level. We can all make changes to how we travel to significantly decrease the air pollution we create and that we expose ourselves to.

Clean Air Day Logo

Of course, if you are going the whole hog you can donate your old car to Clean Air Day with Charity Car and quite frankly reign supreme over the entire day and concept! But if you still need your car and it isn’t an older, more polluting vehicle, you could just look at how you use it. Could you swap shorter trips for walking or cycling? And when you do make those trips, are there better routes that avoid busy roads?

Donate your car to Clean Air Day 

There are cities across the globe getting fully involved with World Car Free Day, from a huge cycling event in Rio De Janeiro to a totally car free Paris! Here in the UK, London, Leeds, Liverpool and Norwich are all getting involved and your town could be too… There are 20km of roads being made car-free in London till 5pm with events including classic cycle rides, group yoga and meditation sessions on Tower Bridge! Check out what’s going on near you and if there are no official road closures, don’t let that stop you from having your own car free day and seeing how it feels to tackle your town on foot.

Cyclist on World Car Free Day

You may wonder what one day can really do but the stats speak for themselves – this year's Great North Run, and the resulting road closures, saw a drop in air pollution by 80%. Today's car free events could see this type of result replicated all over the world.

For those of you that enjoy the experience more than you thought, or have a car on its last legs (or wheels!), don’t forget you can donate your old car to any of our wonderful charity partners at any time of the year. You’d just get to be particularly smug if you did it today! And we give you permission to use the title ‘World Car Free Day King/Queen’…


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