Deki - a new inspirational charity joins Charity Car

Posted on 09 August 2016 by Charity Car

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Charity Car is very excited to share the news that progressive charity Deki has joined our ranks as an Official Partner! And what a unique and interesting charity they are.

Deki's vision is a world full of opportunity, not poverty. And their mission is simple - to empower people in the developing world to work their way out of poverty. Deki is achieving this by providing microfinance (we didn't know what that was either!). Microfinance is simply financial services for people living in poverty, who don't have access to traditional financial services. And it changes lives.

Almost half the world lives on less than £1.50 a day. These are honest, hardworking people motivated by the same things as most of us; they want to make something of their lives, feed their families and send their children to school. With the capital to start a business, entrepreneurs can turn their lives around.  

We've picked out a couple of great stories that show how a small amount of money can have a massive impact and create permanent change. We can't wait for car donations to help fund more of their amazing work.

Lydia Nyirongo and Her Fabulous Cow 

How to make a 214% profit from a £140 loan with Deki

Farmer Seidu Expands his Farm 

Farmer Seidu's farm with the help of Deki

Every loan Deki gives comes with business training; this essential part of the process ensures every Deki entrepreneur plans wisely and uses their income to support themselves in the future. 

100% of the money loaned goes directly to the person who has applied and within 12 months the money is paid back - it can then be returned to the lender or re-lent to another entrepreneur. So even a small initial investment can help a number of people to raise themselves out of poverty. 

What the Charity Car team thought was even more impressive about the Deki model, was that not only do these microloans help the person/family they have gone to, they go on to have a significant impact on the issues that affect entire regions living in poverty:

Local economy - A Deki entrepreneur sets up a business and employs local people. So more of the community have the opportunity to work their way out of poverty with dignity, and the local economy is boosted.

Food and water - Once an entrepreneur has set up their business they can afford to buy food and access clean water; leading to a healthy community and a break in the poverty cycle.

Gender equality - In many developing countries, women can’t access loans from banks due to gender discrimination. Deki microloans are available to everyone. Women are empowered to build their own businesses and fulfil their potential, enabling them to feed and educate their children, employ their neighbours and help their communities thrive.

We think Deki is inspired and if you agree and have an old car you’d like to use to help expand Deki’s operations then do visit their Charity Car page!

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