Charity Car Donations Total Three Quarters of a Million!

Posted on 14 April 2021 by Charity Car

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The Charity Car team is thrilled to announce that you’ve now donated over £750,000 in old cars to good causes!
Three quarters of a million pounds in scrap cars, and some with enough life left to auction, have changed people’s lives, helped save environments and protected animals.

What’s really incredible, is over the latest 12 months of the pandemic your generosity hasn’t faltered. In 2020 alone, your old cars raised over £125,000!
You’re probably tired of hearing us say it, but we know from our charity partners that every penny really does count and as you can see, they certainly add up! During slumps in scrap prices a small car may have only generated a £25 donation, but that sum of money can still do some incredibly worthwhile things…
At Crisis, £25 could go towards new home training for five people experiencing homelessness - developing skills needed to manage their tenancy and rebuild their life in their home.
Kids Club Kampala could use £25 to provide a family in need with food for an entire month.

Kids Club Kampala food distribution

The Donkey Sanctuary can use £25 to purchase a 2-week supply of nutritional feed supplements to help an undernourished rescued donkey gain weight and regain a healthy condition.

As worthwhile as these donations are, we’re always excited to see scrap prices go up and donations follow suit. The current average recycled car donation is worth just over a huge £200, which is a significant sum to any charity.
We’re even more excited to see cars coming in when they have a little life left and can be put up for auction… The largest donation Charity Car has ever looked after, generated by a single car, was in 2019. A wonderful supporter of Alzheimer's Research UK donated their old car to this important cause and it raised a whopping £6,444! The charity was not only thrilled by this incredible generosity, but also told us that donation alone could fund over 300 hours of vital research.

ARUK Lab Alex Wallace Photography
While we never take your generosity for granted, here at Charity Car we love that an old car with no use left to its owner can be used to transform another life. Whether we’ve recycled it responsibly, or it’s been given another life, those old wheels will have helped keep a charity’s operational wheels in motion and ultimately made a difference.
Thank you to every single one of you that’s contributed in any way to this amazing running total… whether you’ve donated a car or simply spread the word about using Charity Car to support a cause.
We’re so excited to hit our next total donations milestone and at this rate it might even be before the end of the year!

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