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Posted on 11 October 2017 by Charity Car

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October may famously host celebrations such as Oktoberfest and Halloween (and apparently American cheese month?!) but it's become synonymous with something incredibly important here in the UK... and rather pink! It's Breast Cancer Awareness month, and here at Charity Car we want to do our bit to fly the pink flag and raise awareness and funds for this serious cause.

Every day more than 140 women are diagnosed with breast cancer in the UK. More people than ever are surviving, but the reality is that it's still a life-threatening disease which will abruptly become part of nearly 5,000 people's lives this month alone. Raising money for the charities fighting this disease will improve the odds of survival for every one of those people, so let's do it!

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Obviously here at Charity Car we're all about car donations, so the value of your old wheels can be sent to one of our Official Partners, Cancer Research UK, to help find a cure.

Maybe if you have dealt with breast cancer yourself you may want to target your donation to the treatment side of the disease. We work with a unique charity called Hope for Tomorrow, which runs mobile Chemotherapy Units allowing cancer patients to receive treatment in a restful environment closer to home, saving stressful long distance travel and minimising waiting times.

We have various hospitals, hospices and patient care charities as Official Partners, who also help people with cancer. You can find them in our Health category. Or you may wish to direct your donation to another breast cancer charity, in which case just let us know which one you want to support.

Back to the main campaign... Breast Cancer Awareness Month is a worldwide initiative involving thousands of organisations and everyone is holding different events and fundraising activities to highlight the importance of breast awareness, education and research. A simple search on the internet will leave you with hundreds of ideas for fundraising during this special month if you don't have an old car to donate. Here in the Charity Car office we've been deciding what we could turn pink... no-one was willing to spray paint their car, but we have donned suitable pink apparel whenever we've had the chance!

Charity Car Team with donated car for Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Fundraising is brilliant but awareness is also an essential part of this month's activity and this is where you can definitely do your bit whoever you are... get the women you know to check their breasts! Most things we'd enthusiastically suggest doing in your car but maybe not this! After-all, catching problems early and a quick diagnosis will help save lives. So our last bit of advice (taken from the experts, not a bunch of car recyclers!) is what we'd love you to share:

Get to grips with the signs and symptoms of breast cancer

  • Everyone’s breasts are different, they change with age and at different times of the month, so you need to get to know them!
  • It’s so important know how your breasts normally look and feel so it's easier to spot if there are unusual changes.
  • Check them regularly, at different times of the day and month.
  • If you notice unusual changes in your breasts, get them checked out by your GP. It may be nothing, or it may save your life.

Whether it's passing on this short piece of practical advice, donating an old car, or fashioning a pink outfit for sponsorship, we hope you can do something to help support Breast Cancer Awareness Month... together we'll reach a day when breast cancer no longer claims lives.

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