Biggest ever single donation goes to ARUK!

Posted on 18 July 2019 by Charity Car

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Every single car donation you wonderful people make to Charity Car's partners is appreciated. And every single one helps the cause you've chosen with their own charitable mission... But this month, we've seen the biggest ever single donation sum come in from an auctioned car donation and we've just got to shout about it!

An incredibly generous gentleman has donated an Alfa Romeo Giulietta to Alzheimer's Research UK. The car was quickly selected to go to auction as it had such low mileage... but in this case the Charity Car auction team couldn't quite believe their ears... and ARUK are pretty surprised and delighted too! £6444 has been given to Alzheimer's Research UK from this single donation and the impact that kind of money can have is huge!

We work with a fantastic contact at ARUK - Simon McDermott - who has done a huge amount of fundraising himself as he has a very personal connection to the charity's cause. Simon's Dad is the wonderful 'Songaminute Man' who I'm sure you've all heard of and enjoyed listening to! The Charity Car team has been so delighted with your response to Simon's own car donation and the generosity and support for this cause that you've shown since - we've been able to pass on several 'big' car donations to ARUK and every single one of them has been most gratefully received. Simon was absolutely astounded to hear about this latest whopper of a donation...

“Wow! Another amazing donation to Alzheimer’s Research UK through CharityCar. It’s great to think that these old cars are funding ground-breaking research that will one day bring about a world free from the heartbreak of dementia. Just this one donation alone will fund over 300 hours of research that we hope will one day deliver a cure. On a personal level, with a family member who suffers from dementia, I cannot be grateful enough.”

Alzheimer's Research UK logo. Donate your car.

Today, there are no dementia survivors and one in three people over 65 will die with some form of dementia. But Alzheimer's Research UK firmly believes it is research that can change this - bringing about breakthroughs that will change lives. These old car donations can help to fund their vital work, and as you've just read the impact of these funds is significant.

Your old car could help to end the heartbreak of dementia!

A huge thank you to every single one of you that has donated an old car to this cause. The Charity Car team has been doing a lot of celebratory office-chair dancing and we'd love you to keep giving us a reason to embarrass our colleagues!

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