ARUK Reaches £50,000 Car Donation Milestone!

Posted on 08 July 2021 by Charity Car

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The generosity of the British public hasn't been dampened by anything that's been thrown at it over the last two years and we're delighted to report that car donations to good causes reflect that spirit.

Our amazing Charity Car Official Partner, Alzheimer's Research UK, has even reached an incredible donation milestone of £50,000!

The charity is delighted and so grateful for all your car donations, here's Simon McDermott, Regional Fundraising Officer:

“Since we joined Charity Car we’ve been blown away by everyone’s generosity in donating their cars.
One in three people born today will develop dementia in their lifetime, without life-changing preventions and treatments. But donations bring hope.
£50,000 can fund an entire pilot project. These projects are the testing ground for the latest thinking in dementia research, that lead to the breakthroughs of tomorrow.
Thank you so much for all your donations, and all the support you've shown Alzheimer's Research UK through Charity Car, it's made a massive difference to our fundraising this year. Because of you, we will transform lives.”

Alzheimer's Research UK is so thrilled with your donations they've even made this wonderful little film to thank you… and everyone seems to be in their car!