Xrunner - The Charity Car Team Did It!

Posted on 28 September 2018 by Charity Car

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This time last week we - the Charity Car Team - were gearing ourselves up to take part in the Xrunner Wild Warrior event, a 5k muddy obstacle course. Today we're sat in the office with a cup of tea and a biscuit, reflecting on last weekend and feeling slightly relieved we don't have to wake up tomorrow morning to do it all over again!
We gathered with anticipation in a field in Derbyshire on a cloudy and cold Saturday morning, something of a relief that it wasn't raining! We couldn't be missed in our luminous orange Charity Car tops, though they wouldn't stay that way for long…

 Team Charity Car Photo - Start

After torrential rain the day and night before, we were definitely guaranteed to get muddy! Our team of 20, including some family and friends who we'd roped in and two lucky competition winners, were ready to go, we warmed up as best we could in 9 degree temperatures and were ready to start. A few hay bales, some cargo nets to crawl under - not a bad start - then came the slightly more difficult inverted fences to climb, but still, not too muddy. A bit of a ditch, "this isn't so bad" until we jogged down a hill and one of the team shouted "mud moguls". Some of us looked blankly at each other, until we got closer and saw these "mud moguls" essentially 3 steep mounds followed by huge ditches filled with thick mud! Despite ropes to help pull yourself out it was a tough one! We were slipping up and down the hills and one of us even lost her shoes, luckily retrieved in time before they sunk!

From this point it got muddier and wetter - actually swimming through muddy water at one point - there was even fire, oh and more mud! 36 obstacles and some bumps and bruises along the way we were at the finish line, rain just starting. Relieved and in need of warmth we grabbed our medals, posed for a triumphant photo and rushed to get changed. Then celebratory hot drinks all round to warm up!

Team Charity Car Finish

Whilst we worked together as a team to help each other through the mud, I think we're divided on who will and won't take part in one of these muddy obstacle courses again! All being said we're proud of each other and of course so happy to have raised some money for some of our great Charity Car Official Partners. There's still time to donate to our fundraising page and if you fancy donating your car you can choose a charity and find out more.


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