Xrunner - Are Team Charity Car Ready!?

Posted on 05 September 2018 by Charity Car

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This International Day of Charity, we thought we'd keep you up to date with our team's plans to raise more money for some of our wonderful Charity Partners.

It's not long until the Charity Car team is getting muddy to raise more money!!

If you haven't heard about our antics, we're going to be taking part in an Xrunner event - a 5k run interspersed with bonkers obstacles - all to raise some extra cash for our amazing Charity Partners!

It all sounds great doesn't it - but mo re drinking tea than training is possibly causing the increase of nerves around the office! A couple of us are well-practiced in this extreme sports arena, but they may be running a long way ahead of the rest of us, who are simply doing it because we love our Charity Partners (and because those two challenged us!).

Jenny from the Charity Car team getting some practice in at a mud run earlier this year!

While our colleagues at CarTakeBack are apparently feeling rather smug that we're the ones that will be getting covered in mud (We were sent a 'helpful' link for full body wet wipes last week... what have we signed up for?!) - we hope they're also a little bit proud of us. In fact we know they are, because they've generously donated to our fundraising pot. If you don't have a car to donate to your favourite of our Official Charity Partners, you can donate to this pot. All the proceeds will be shared between the partners that have cars donated to them in September, so one donation will help numerous fantastic causes. Every penny is appreciated.

Donate via the team's fundraising page >

We've already had some lovely messages from our charity partners so a huge thank you to them, it's given us a boost. Charity Car Manager Liz said;

"I'll be shouting about all the charities we'll be helping to keep everyone moving on the day. From international aid to animal rescue, all the money raised will be doing good. Of course the best thing any of us can do is donate an old car to them during September - then they'll benefit from that donation and a share of our fundraising!"
If any of you have done this kind of event before do send us any tips, we'll need them! Of course we are well aware some more training is in order. If you see any adults jumping over BBQ's or tackling the monkey bars at your local park over the next couple of weeks, (and slipping off after a rung) it may just be one of us! 

Find out more about how we're raising money >

Charity Car getting muddy to raise more money


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