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Posted on 14 February 2020 by Charity Car

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It's easy to be cynical about the commercialism of Valentine’s Day, but it’s pretty miserable to argue with the concept of taking time out to make an effort for our loved ones... So, we’re all in!

The Charity Car team is a sentimental bunch at heart, and although our sights are usually set on car donations, we thought we’d take the time to look into some alternative ways you can share the love this February and help out a worthy cause while celebrating your Valentine…

Planning a cosy night in front of the fire?

How about curling up on this beautiful, Fairtrade rug, lovingly made by artisans in Delhi and available from our Partner of the Month Oxfam.

Do you date an animal lover?

(We’re not asking about their physical prowess, just whether they like animals!)

We work with several charities that give you the opportunity to sponsor animals, so you can share the love and help protect a creature your loved one may feel passionate about…

- WWF is working to protect the creatures affected by Australia’s fires and they are offering the chance to become a Koala protector here> 

- The International Otter Survival Fund has some valentine’s themed otter donation packs that come with chocolate hearts as well as your own gorgeous otter toy here>

- You can adopt a loving four-legged friend with The Donkey Sanctuary and rescue helpless donkeys from hopeless situations and share that joy with your loved one here >

Alfie from the Donkey Sanctuary

Wish you could afford to buy your loved one a piece of art?

You can! In fact, it’s even better than that – they can feature on it!

A monumental sculpture entitled The Heart of Steel will hopefully end up sitting within the 32m high Steel Man that will look over Sheffield. Through a donation to the British Heart Foundation your loved one’s name can be engraved on this incredible piece of art. Not only is it a wonderful valentine gift that will stay on the heart forever, your donation will help fund the charity’s essential research into cures and treatments for heart and circulatory diseases. Buy your engraving here >

British Heart Foundation steel heart sculpture

Planning a romantic candle-lit bath?

If it’s a water-based gift you’re after you can share a lot of love with this funny yet vital gift through Water Aid. The charity has created several clever, romantic yet funny cards that all relate to a physical gift that will give a community access to clean water!

WaterAid Card

The gift of time

Although all these gifts are fantastic – helping charities and making your other half happy – the most significant gift you can probably give is time. If you want to share the love further than the partner in your life and use this special month to consider the wider community, how about looking into volunteering? Your chosen charity may well need you, or this helpful site shows where you can see how your time could be spent helping your neighbourhood:

Whatever you choose to do for Valentine's Day and whatever gift, if any, you decide to treat your loved-one to, we hope you all end up feeling loved.

Cars with heart shaped light reflections

The Charity Car team is lucky enough to love what we do every day - helping people to look after their old car when it comes to the end of its life and donate the proceeds to a charity they or their partner cares about. We think the whole process is pretty special and using Charity Car you’re spreading love all over the place by taking care of the environment with responsible recycling and reducing emissions, as well as supporting the charity you've donated to! We love car donations!

Donate your car 

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