Charity Car 2021 Round-Up

Posted on 23 December 2021 by Charity Car

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You know we’re a positive lot, but it’s fair to say that even though it’s nearly 2022, we’re all still feeling the effects of 2020! Rather than the usual end-of-year round-up we hoped we’d be giving by now, things still aren’t ‘back to normal’.
However! What has proved to be normal, whatever the world throws at us all, is your never-ending generosity and your enthusiasm for turning your old cars into valuable donations for good causes. So again, and with a huge smile on our masked faces, our theme for 2021’s end-of-year blog is a humungous THANK YOU!
We may not have a list of events-news to re-cap this year, but we’re delighted to report that our Official Charity Partners have been able to make some positive steps towards more active fundraising. In the mean time, we’ve also been able to support them throughout the year with an undisturbed and brilliantly busy Charity Car service.

Supporting causes important to you

You have all clearly been aware of the desperate need for good causes to continue their vital work whether it be for human health, communities, emergency rescue or animals. This year has also seen a revitalised push to protect the environment and fight climate change. We’ve seen this reflected in the charities you’ve wanted to donate your old cars to, and of course by taking old cars off the road, you are already doing your bit to reduce pollution. Not only are you removing older, higher-polluting cars from the road, we recycle those old cars to 95% - saving precious resources and the pollution that would be created through production of new materials - as well as avoiding landfill!

Recycling Heros

Big donation milestones

Back in April we were delighted to announce that Charity Car had passed on over three quarters of a million pounds to charities. This huge figure has had a massive impact on causes ranging from massive international organisations to small community projects and we’ve been delighted to pass on their special thanks to you.
In July the wonderful Alzheimer’s Research UK hit £50,000 in car donations and sent us a fabulous thank you video to share with you.
Only two months later, Cancer Research UK joined another high-profile charity partner of ours - Oxfam - by hitting the incredible milestone of £100,000 in car donations through our scheme! 

Donation milestones

Birthday celebrations

Carrying on the celebratory mood… It was Charity Car’s own notable milestone that gave us an excuse for a remote party, because in October, we marked our tenth birthday! From humble beginnings with just a few charities on board, over the last decade we’ve grown into a scheme that offers supporters over 130 wonderful causes to donate their old cars to and passed on over £800,000! We couldn’t be more excited for what the next ten years could mean to all those charities and the people, animals, communities and environments they support.

Charity Car's 10th Birthday

November news

Just when we thought we'd had all the good 'milestone' news we could squeeze in 2021, we handled the highest individual donation of the year! A magnificent £5,344 was generated from an auctioned Ford Focus, which had been donated to the wonderful Operation Smile. That is a lot of young lives changed and many more smiles!
To say how hard this year has been for so many, yet again, thank you for the unwavering support you've shown for the charities that we look after.
We don’t expect you to have an endless supply of old cars to donate, but if you want to help in the New Year, simply let other people know about our service and this special fundraising initiative. That will generate those valuable future donations that can change more lives for the better.

We wish everyone a merry end to 2021, and with more hope than ever, a very Happy New Year!
 Charity Car team in Christmas jumpers