Donate your car to Afasic

Registered charity number: 1045617

Afasic works to raise awareness and to create better services and provision for children and young people with speech and language impairments.

More about Afasic

In 1968 Afasic was established as a parent-led organisation, helping children and young people with speech and language impairments. Afasic is now recognised as an authority in this field and works in partnership with professionals, voluntary organisations and the government at a local and national level.

Afasic provides practical training and a range of publications for professionals. The charity also offers training, printed information, local meetings and a helpline to parents in need of help and advice. Afasic's helpline enables people to understand their child’s difficulties, explains what help they need and how to get it. It is an invaluable resource and your old car could help to fund its operation.

Another aspect of Afasic's work is the involvement in national campaigns to improve speech and language provision for children and young people and to highlight the issues around speech, language and communication needs. This work is vital to ensuring children and young adults struggling with these areas get the support they need and experience understanding, acceptance, equal opportunities and the inclusion into society despite any speech and language impairments they may have.

Donate your car to Afasic

With Charity Car, if you choose to donate your old car to Afasic, you can help fund all this vital work and truly help to open a young person's future without being held back by their speech or language impairments.

Click donate now, to get started with donating your car to Afasic.

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